Our community is becoming more and more focused on the importance of school readiness and the impact that has on everyone’s future.  Thank you to all United Way Success By 6 supporters who are committed to providing pre-schoolers and educators in Central Alabama the skills needed for children to enter kindergarten ready to learn and thrive. Thank you for inspiring hope and creating opportunities for our children to have a better tomorrow.  Success By 6 Update


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Join us in preparing today’s preschool age children to succeed in school


United Way's Success By 6 Initiatives

Success By 6 is an initiative of United Way of Central Alabama impacting more than 10,000 children each year in the Central Alabama community. That means more children are likely to graduate from high school and be part of a stronger workforce in the future.


Success By 6 is committed to

  • Focusing on school readiness in Pre-K classrooms
  • Performing community outreach
  • Providing community planning and leadership
  • Promoting the health and well-being of children


Improving School Readiness

    Since 2005, more than 100 Pre-K classrooms have implemented the Success By 6 early learning model with side-by-side technical assistance from School Readiness specialists.


    With Success By 6

  • Classrooms receive quality learning materials and equipment
  • Teachers receive training and technical assistance
  • Children benefit from dramatic quality improvements in their early learning experience
  • Parents participate in the transition to  kindergarten and other engagement activities  to get children on the right track

  • Promoting Health and Physical Activity

    Providing healthy options early in life puts our children on course to become healthier adults.  Success By 6 is committed to safe learning environments and providing healthy options for physical activity and nutrition in the preschool years.


    Success By 6’s Health Focus includes:

  • Health and developmental screenings prepare children for success in school and to identify possible barriers to learning. 
  • Nutrition and physical activities are promoted to establish healthy habits for life and fight childhood obesity.
  • Quality standards are implemented to help child care centers comply with child care regulations ensuring the health and safety of children.

  • Building Partnerships

    More than 100 community, corporate and civic organizations in Central Alabama work in partnership with Success By 6 to expand access to quality early learning and prepare children to enter school ready to learn. These partnerships are vital to preparing our youngest citizens to succeed in school and the collaborative work by committed partners is making a dramatic impact on the lives of children in our community.
    Click here for Success By 6 Partners.

    Engaging the Community

    Success By 6 is a leader in convening early childhood education and health partners, and works to keep community focus on helping children succeed in school. To learn about how the Success By 6 impacts thousands of children each year through outreach efforts including:

  • Serving as a key partner of the Birmingham Pre-K Collaborative
  • Free books distributed each year to encourage a life-long love of learning and reading
  • Oral Health Prevention, education and linkage to services promote good oral health to reduce the number one cause of school absences- dental pain.
  • Family activities encouraging parental engagement and make learning fun
  • School Supply Distribution to get tools for success  to children in need
  • Referrals  linking children with health, development issues and those with disabilities to support services
  • Volunteer Engagement to improve the learning environment and serve as positive role models for children

    Birmingham Pre-K Collaborative

    In May of 2013, the Birmingham Pre-K Collaborative was established with the assistance of the Alabama School Readiness Alliance to increase access to high quality, voluntary, developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten for four-year-olds through a diverse delivery system. The collaborative welcomes all community partners in a strengths-based atmosphere of mutual respect and partnership. A website has been established for the Birmingham Pre-K Collaborative . Click for more additional information.



Help Me Grow is...


Success By 6, in partnership with the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, announces the launch of Help Me Grow – Central Alabama. Help Me Grow, an affiliate of the National Help Me Grow Network, focuses on increasing the number of children receiving standardized comprehensive developmental screenings and linking families to resources with developmental needs. The program engages pediatricians and families and has 5 components-

  • Physician Outreach
  • A Centralized Call Center
  • Community Networking
  • Data Collection
  • Developmental Surveillance


United Way’s 2-1-1 line is the portal to Help Me Grow- Central Alabama’s Child Development Line at Success By 6 to provide linkage for families, child care and health care providers to community resources for children at risk of developmental delays. With funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, Help Me Grow-Central Alabama partners with pediatricians and serves families in Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker Counties. For information call 205 458-2070.


To learn more about Help Me Grow watch these videos:

Help Me Grow Central Alabama Launch : click here


Help Me Grow Central Alabama video: click here


For more information

  • Families
  • Child Care Providers
  • Child Health Provider
  • Help Me Grow National Center

    Jefferson County's Blueprint for School Readiness

    United Way of Central Alabama's Success By 6 school readiness initiative coordinates the local implementation for the "Jefferson County Blueprint for School Readiness."  The Jefferson County Blueprint for School Readiness is a community based initiative to bring partners together to address school readiness for all children in Jefferson County. The Blueprint will be reconvening existing groups of community partners this spring to continue the work to improve the systems serving our young children and their families. This work will result in an increased number of Jefferson County's four year olds who arrive at school ready to learn and succeed. This effort is enabled by a grant awarded by the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. For more information contact Brooke Burgess at 205-458-2178.