Centennial Parks

Introducing the United Way Centennial Park

Thanks to our dedicated supporters and volunteers, the United Way of Central Alabama has positively impacted the lives of Central Alabama residents for over a century. Our commitment to service continues as we introduce Centennial Parks in all six counties we proudly serve.

These projects center around the construction of Centennial Parks, fostering long-term partnerships and extending beyond mere installation. Through annual cleanups, beautification efforts, and the potential for future expansions, we strive to create ongoing volunteer service opportunities within each local community.

Modular Park Elements

Outdoor Classroom Pavilions:

Outdoor classrooms are excellent multi-use facilities for civic clubs, church groups, neighborhood associations and other groups. Each of these large pavilions will be outfitted with multiple picnic tables and other amenities to provide a safe, covered location for gathering at the park

Amenities and Elements:

The parks will include both fitness and play equipment, such as swings, pickleball courts and other equipment for use. Each park will have a variety of amenities customized to the needs of the community.

There will also be other recreational amenities such as picnic tables, benches, and garden elements.

Site Selection and Community Needs

  • One site will be selected in each of the six counties served by UWCA.
  • Sites will be highly accessible and near populated areas.
  • Sites will be close to restrooms.

How You Can Help

United Way is seeking corporate/community partners who will invest in these community parks. These parks will be actively built through volunteer labor and coordinated/supervised by United Way Hands On team members. Each project will be built in a 1–3-month timeframe based on location and permitting requirements.

Sponsorship Levels

  • $25,000 Centennial Parks Sponsor

  • $10,000 Centennial Parks Supporting Sponsor

  • $5,000 Centennial Park Supporting Sponsor

  • $1,000 Centennial Park Recognized Donor

  • $1 – $999 Centennial Parks Individual Donors

We are seeking corporate/community partners who will sponsor the parks and provide volunteers to construct them. Each project will require 30 to 60 volunteers.

For more information, please contact director@unitedwayhandson.org.

Thank you to Centennial Parks Sponsors