Designation Policy

Should you desire to designate your gift to a specific agency or initiative, a minimum gift of $25 is required and the designation will be treated as “first dollars in” of their allocation.

If your company allows donations to non-United Way agencies:

  • The minimum gift accepted for a non-United Way agency is $1,000 with at least 50% (minus processing and fund-raising fees) of this gift remaining with United Way to be allocated to its partners.

  • Designated agencies must be 501(c)(3), tax-deductible
    health and human service organizations. This does not include churches, schools, athletic teams, environmental agencies, etc.

  • Corporate matching dollars are not available for designations.

  • Designations must go toward an organization’s general fund. Designations are not permitted to be further designated to specific events, programs, etc.

  • Gifts received through a donor-advised fund cannot be further designated except to United Way agencies or initiatives. These designations will be treated as “first dollars in.” Designations paid from a donor-advised fund will not reflect an individual donor’s name on remittances to an agency or initiative and will not be receipted by United Way.

  • Donations to the Central Alabama Children’s Fund exceeding county requests for children in a specific county will be held for that county’s children for one year. After one year, these will become available for distribution according to the needs across United Way of Central Alabama’s six-county service area.

Any gift outside of these guidelines will be distributed through United Way’s allocation and grant-making processes. When a designated pledge made within these guidelines is paid, United Way forwards the payment, minus cost, to the designated organization.