Visiting Allocation Teams

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VAT sign-up and activities will take place on the UWCA online volunteer platform INVOLVE. Create an account to get started at the link below.

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Make an Impact in Your Community

Each year, we rely on over 500 volunteers to help us make decisions about which community programs will be a good investment of United Way dollars raised during our campaign. These volunteers serve as members of our Visiting Allocation Teams (VAT) and they play a vital role in relationships with our 80+ partner agencies & programs, their clients, and the community.

Responsibilities of VAT Members

  • A time commitment of approximately 10 – 12 hours (typically 3 meetings) between late September and early November.
  • Attending and actively participating in team meetings and agency site visits.
  • Reviewing agency programs and accomplishments.
  • Providing input in the development of the team recommendations.

Experienced Leadership

Your Allocation Team will be led by an experienced volunteer who will guide you and your fellow members through the process. In addition, United Way staff will provide training and general assistance.

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If you have questions about the Allocations process or registration, please contact Stephanie Butler at