Internal Campaign Giving Cup Teams – United Way of Central Alabama, Inc.


Tornado Relief

Help those impacted by the March 25th tornadoes.

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Internal Campaign Giving Cup Teams

Internal Campaign Giving Cup Teams

Giving Cup Team Challenge

AAA and Priority Veteran

Kasey Atim Priority Veteran
Jatava Burns UWAAA
Tonya Cook Priority Veteran
Jennifer Farley Priority Veteran
David Gafford Priority Veteran
Shanevalene Garrett Priority Veteran
Susan Hackney UWAAA
Benga Harrison Hands On Birmingham
Sheree Head UWAAA
Leah Hinton UWAAA
Stirling Hutchins Resource Development
Ryan Jackson Priority Veteran
Dynasty Jefferson Priority Veteran
Geraldine Jones UWAAA
Valarie Lawson UWAAA
John Martin Resource Development
NaShira Palmer Priority Veteran
Tiffany Poe Priority Veteran
Sheena Ratcliff UWAAA
Morgan Rhodes UWAAA
Riley Rodgers UWAAA
Amy Scofield Resource Development
Josh Sigler Resource Development
Allen Sims Priority Veteran
Lula Skowronek Priority Veteran
Chantel Smith Priority Veteran
Kimitria Smith Priority Veteran
Ellen Stephens UWAAA
John Taylor Priority Veteran
Amy Thomas Resource Development
Doneisha Tucker UWAAA
Thomas Woodard Priority Veteran
LaTonya Young Priority Veteran
Nichole Zanders Priority Veteran

Operations (2nd & 4th Floor, Colorado)

Tiffany Bailey Operations
Sara Lynn Been Resource Development
Bob Boylan Resource Development
Tamara Calvert Operations
Kelly Carlton Operations
Holly Carroll Operations
Carter Chiselko Operations
Amanda Cumbie Operations
Christopher Davidson Operations
Robin DeZarn Resource Development
Tina Douglas Operations
Jeannie Few Operations
Emily Fields Operations
Donald Florence Operations
James Flowers Operations
Christina Gilliam Operations
Ashley Goodwin Hands On Birmingham
Doug Goodwin Operations
Molly Hall Operations
Jessica Hopper Resource Development
Matt Houser Operations
Amber Lee Operations
Tyler Lowros Operations
Vicki Luquire Operations
Peggy Murphy Operations
Courtney Orazine Resource Development
Cody Pasley Operations
Nathan Shugart Operations
Christina Thomas Operations
Debbie Ward Operations
Rita Ward-Maxwell Resource Development
James Wine Operations
Natalie Woodward Operations

Operations (3rd Floor & Receptionists)

Rebecca Armstrong Operations
Lynn Ashley Finance
Crystal Banks Operations
Sonja Birchfield Operations
Melissa Brackin Operations
Kyle Bradberry Operations
Kathy Brooks Finance
Shalena Bryant Finance
Anita Caver Operations
Sandra Deason Finance
Elizabeth Fagan Resource Development
Corliss Ford Operations
Patrick Foshee Operations
Synette Gandy Operations
Lois Gardner Operations
Simonike Gray Operations
Janna Hoffman Operations
Lisa Jett Finance
Janice Jones Finance
Laura Jones Finance
Ryan King Operations
Amy Leslie Operations
Pam Lester Finance
Jessica Lloyd Operations
La’Keisha Matthews Operations
Jacob Mays Finance
Evita McDaniel Operations
Allison Menter Operations
Joy Morris Operations
Janice O’Sullivan Operations
Christy Powrzanas Finance
Paula Riddle Finance
Becky Ryder Finance
Augusta Vos Operations
Fran Zinnerman Finance

Administration, Community Impact, Marketing & Communications and Public Relations

Randy Betsch Community Impact
Caroline Bolvig Resource Development
Nancy Cargile Marketing & Communications
Bryan Chace Marketing & Communications
David Clark Resource Development
Jeffrey Dodson Hands On Birmingham
Katy Galloway Resource Development
Sharde Gibson Community Impact
Christopher Goodson Marketing & Communications
Chip Graham Marketing & Communications
Rachel Harmon Community Impact
Veronica Horton Community Impact
Drew Langloh Administration
Michelle Lawley Marketing & Communications
Laine Lidikay Resource Development
Margaret McDonald Resource Development
Samuetta Nesbitt Public Relations
Sara Newell Community Impact
Ryan Parker Community Impact
Elyse Peters Community Impact
Kadie Peters Community Impact
Kaitlyn Peterson Public Relations
Carter Pine Marketing & Communications
Kristy Plump Community Impact
Gale Renta Administration
Kate Roy Resource Development
Elizabeth Seratt Marketing & Communications
Cameron Shevlin Resource Development
April Taylor Resource Development
Donna Thomas Resource Development
Martina Thomas Community Impact
Tawanna Willoughby Hands On Birmingham

Community Initiatives and Meals on Wheels

Judy Allen Community Initiatives
Bonnie Bell Community Initiatives
Clarissa Brown Community Initiatives
Bobbie Cole Community Initiatives
Savannah Collins Meals on Wheels
Brandi Fleming Community Initiatives
Ladyedon Franklin-Kelley Community Initiatives
Alesa Gilmore-Bowie Meals on Wheels
Neil Gladney Meals on Wheels
Candice Harris Community Initiatives
Tommy Heard Meals On Wheels
Trish Hoover Community Initiatives
O Horst Community Initiatives
David Kinstley Resource Development
Karla Lawrence Community Initiatives
Ashley Lemsky Community Initiatives
Jacquelyn Marshall Community Initiatives
Caron Mouzon Community Initiatives
Tommy Norris Meals On Wheels
Barbara Parker Meals on Wheels
Anita Perry Community Initiatives
Charlie Pierson Community Initiatives
Nichalaus Sims Community Initiatives
Shakeitha Tatum Community Initiatives
Maleia Tortorigi Meals on Wheels
Dana Ullrich Community Initiatives
Amber Whitfield Community Initiatives
Liz Wilson Community Initiatives
Judy Woods Community Initiatives
Becky Wright Meals on Wheels
Joe Young Meals On Wheels
Eunice Zinnerman Meals on Wheels
Natalie Zoghby Meals On Wheels