The Medical Properties Trust Challenge: Making Exceptional Generosity Go Even Further

Announcing a Historic Opportunity for Existing Tocqueville Society Members

Birmingham-based Medical Properties Trust (MPT) has created a $1 million challenge to all current UWCA Tocqueville Society members. This groundbreaking initiative has the potential to generate an additional $2 million for the 2022 Annual Campaign in support of our Central Alabama community.

How It Works

Each increase from a current Tocqueville member will release the corresponding amount of funds from the MPT challenge grant resulting in a $2 million increase impact in the community. For example, if your current gift of $10,000 increases to $12,500, your $2,500 increase releases an additional $2,500 from the fund to the community.

“The MPT Challenge is a forward thinking, transformational effort that will help us create the greatest impact,” said Drew Langloh, President & CEO of United Way of Central Alabama. “This gift encourages the most charitable people in our community to think bigger when it comes to helping those in need.”

Why Now Is the Right Time

“Nonprofits are already stretched to capacity serving clients through the COVID crisis,” said Campaign Chair Emmett McLean of Medical Properties Trust. “They are now struggling with persistent high levels of demand for services while at the same time grappling with increased costs of today’s economy. Our fundraising strategy needed a bold concept with bigger aspirations; this challenge will help our agencies and programs meet those needs.”

The most central aspects of the growing needs are in the areas of academic support, mental health services and basic needs such as food and shelter.

Why the Tocqueville Society?

UWCA’s Tocqueville Society is the largest in the country with more than 900 members. Its members generate more than a third of UWCA’s annual campaign contributions.

“This is a great way to get the community needs met and to jumpstart the campaign. Please take advantage of this challenge to make this happen,” said longtime Tocqueville Society member Ed Aldag, Chairman, President and CEO of Medical Properties Trust.

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Thank you to our members who have already stepped up to the challenge