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Health Services

Health is much more than diet and exercise. Health begins where we live, work and play. Alabama consistently ranks low in the United States for poor health outcomes which indicates higher than national rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and preventable disease.

We help people live healthier lives and increase their  – as well as our community’s – capacity to achieve optimal health. We are committed to solving complex health problems by utilizing our resources and coalition partners so more people can thrive in our community.

Our goal is that by 2025, all Central Alabama counties will be ranked in the top 10 in Alabama for health outcomes as measured by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Together, let’s impact the health of our local communities.

How we support our community:

  • Improve health equity in local areas with higher rates of poor health outcomes by removing barriers to healthy living.
  • Promote physical well-being through healthy lifestyles by supporting smoke free policies, reducing high rates of obesity, improving access to healthy food, and encouraging physical activity.
  • Increase access to healthcare and mental health services and empower people to use those services.

Our Impact

Health Action Partnerships

The Health Action Partnership collaborates to make Central Alabama a healthier place to live, learn, work and play.

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Alabama Partners in Care

United Way helps provide ongoing services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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individuals participated in physical activity or nutrition programs


people received healthcare support services