AIDS Alabama

Agency Profile

AIDS Alabama

Phone: 205.324.9822
Detail: Provides statewide HIV/AIDS advocacy, prevention, housing, and services for persons living with HIV.
2024 Allocation: $84,544
AIDS Alabama is committed to increasing the community’s level of HIV/AIDS knowledge and awareness through innovative interventions and targeted outreach. We provide an array of individual and group-level programs and services, reaching thousands of Alabamians through outreach at various venues including: local colleges and universities, faith-based organizations, shelters, correctional facilities, and more.



AIDS Alabama hosts annual consumer education training sessions for HIV-positive persons throughout the state of Alabama.  These training sessions serve as a way for the HIV-positive community to be engaged in advocacy efforts.  By training HIV-positive consumers on how to effectively communicate and educate relevant stakeholders and decision makers on HIV/AIDS issues, we ensure that Alabama’s HIV-positive population maintains a vibrant voice statewide.


AIDS Alabama provides a host of opportunities for interested HIV-positive consumers to communicate to their elected officials and relevant decision makers.  Opportunities include letter writing campaigns, online communication, and face-to-face meetings and events.


AIDS Alabama’s advocacy efforts culminate in providing HIV-positive Alabamians with the opportunity to mobilize and raise their voices as a concerned group.  The agency hosts an annual Media Day event in Montgomery, providing a direct channel for HIV-positive persons to engage their elected officials in discussion about HIV/AIDS issues.

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