Family Sunshine Center

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Family Sunshine Center

Phone: 334.206.2100 (administrative office & counseling center) OR 334.263.0218 (24/7 Crisis Resource Hotline)
Detail: Services for victims of family violence, stalking and dating violence, sexual assault, and sex and labor trafficking.
2024 Allocation: $25,000

For 40 years, the Family Sunshine Center has worked tirelessly to educate the community on the devastating effects of violence and provide programs and services to victims. In the beginning our focus was solely on domestic violence and its victims. Over time, to reflect the issues facing our community, our program has expanded to include services for sexual assault victims and survivors of sex and labor trafficking.


The Family Sunshine Center fosters hope and healing for survivors of family violence, sexual assault and human trafficking through the provision of crisis intervention, safe shelter, counseling, advocacy and supportive service.


Family Sunshine Center supports a vision of empowered survivors leading safe, violence-free lives while trauma-responsive agencies collaborate to address needs and engaged communities work together to prevent future violence.


  • Survivor-Centered
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Innovation
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