Lakeside Hospice

Agency Profile

Lakeside Hospice, Inc.

Phone: 205.884.1111
Detail: Provides physical, emotional and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and families while they remain in the comfort of their homes.
2024 Allocation: $41,466

The goal of Lakeside Hospice is threefold: (1) to provide medical care to enable the patient to remain alert, comfortable and capable of participating in life as fully as possible for as long as possible, (2) to provide the patient and family as much psychological, emotional, social and spiritual support as they may desire or need, and (3) to maintain community involvement and awareness. It is also the goal of Lakeside Hospice to maintain the highest quality of care to all patients.


Lakeside Hospice is a faith-based, community-supported program committed to caring for the terminally ill regardless of their ability to pay.

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