United Starts with You and Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. was founded in 1864 to support girls and young women during the aftermath of the Civil War. In 1954, Girls Inc. became a United Way partner agency, and we have been working together ever since to empower girls in Central Alabama to succeed. Girls Inc.’s research-based programming is designed to teach these girls to live healthily, succeed academically and acquire well-rounded life skills. When you give to United Way, you are standing in these girls’ corners, giving them a safe space to grow and the tools they need to be their strongest, smartest and boldest selves.

United Way is the reason that me, my friends, and other people I’ve met here [at Girls Inc.] had the chance to even come here.
Lonnitria Keenan, participant


16.7% of girls will not finish high school.

78% are not happy with their bodies.

25% experience sexual abusee or assault by age 17.

You can help.

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