2016 Pacesetter Kickoff

The Pacesetter Campaign kicked off Thursday, June 9,  with a breakfast at the Lyric Fine Arts Theatre  featuring John Scalici, Get Rythm, who used a variety of drums, sound and rhythm to create a message and atmosphere of unity and togetherness.

“We’re all bound by the fact that we have a voice and those voices want to be heard, and some of our voices are softer than others,” he said. “It takes everybody playing their part.” The Pacesetter Campaign, led by Bill Smith of Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, announced the goal for this year as $11,850, 000 which will set the pace for our fall campaign.

Goal                                                                                      Campaign chair, Rich Bielen, president and COO of Protective Life, shared how his life and the life of his immigrant parents where shaped by the generosity of others. Simple acts of people sharing their time and treasures have a tremendous ripple effect, much like the reverberations of a drum, that unites us as a community.

We would also like to welcome our Pacesetter loaned executives. They are Jennifer Nelson, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama; Gage Smith, Royal Cup; Drew Miller, returning from Regions; and Emily Johnson and Jacob Gordon, both new United Way staff members.