2023 Campaign Chair Profile – Dow Briggs, MD

This is an especially exciting year at United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA). We’re celebrating the organization’s centennial anniversary, having served the community since 1923. While our size, the area we serve and even our name have changed over time, one thing has not – the dedication of all the people engaged with United Way. Volunteers, donors and staff have worked tirelessly to build a better, stronger, more united community for 100 years.

The chair of this year’s annual campaign is Dow Briggs, MD. He is not only Executive Vice President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, but also a passionate volunteer and supporter of UWCA. When asked why United Way matters so much to him, Dr. Briggs said, “Collective impact is such an important and effective strategy, and UWCA is doing tangible work. I believe I’m here on this earth, and went into medicine, to help people – and that’s what United Way does.”

Dr. Briggs’ relationship with UWCA goes back many years. After his medical residency, he held several positions at UAB before joining Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s team, where the company culture is hugely supportive of United Way, with 100% of employees giving to the annual campaign. Dr. Briggs has been deeply involved in a variety of UWCA committees and initiatives through the years, including having served as the first chair of the Bold Goals Coalition’s health initiative and a long-standing member of our Board of Directors.

When asked what was particularly exciting about serving as Campaign Chair this year, he said, “This is a synthesis of the last 100 years. I wanted to step up and try to make an even bigger impact. There’s work to be done and exciting things ahead.”

Other quotes:

“Participating in an agency tour is like that first cup of coffee. It’s invigorating and wakes you up to opportunities to serve.”

“As long as we have resources and willing people, we’ll make progress.”

“COVID-19 slowed a lot of progress around the world, so as things start moving again, now is a great time to engage.”

“We get to help areas that don’t have resources and figure out how to make a collective change to move the ball forward.”

“Different perspectives and backgrounds are what make a good doctor. United Way has the same approach and strengths.”