3 Ways Hope Happens When You Give

It’s time for regular people to do extraordinary things. Are you ready?

This year, in the face of unprecedented need, when things seemed their darkest – people like you showed up. Because of generous people across our community we expanded programs and services, helped nonprofits keep their doors open and gave people in crisis much-needed hope for a better tomorrow.

There is a lot to celebrate and yet there is still more to do. Vulnerable workers continue to lose their jobs, especially in service industries and hospitality. The stress of the year is leading to higher rates of suicidal thoughts. More people face challenges to cover basic needs.

You can give members of our community the help, and hope, they need. Your donation supports a variety of programs and services that will:

1. Cover basic needs

1 in 4 people in our community has filed for unemployment since March – help them cover their basic needs.

2. Relief

Calls to the 2-1-1 Call Center, a vital service that connects people to help, are up 123% this year. Help cover services for utilities, rent, food and healthcare.

3. Support

Calls to the Crisis Center have doubled to 4,000 calls per month. People need help with personal crises and mental health challenges. Help make sure they get the support they need.

People in our community are depending on you to give today, so they can get through this crisis. With so much need this year, every person, every action and every dollar matters. Please give today.