An Affinity for Moving the Community Forward

Victoria White likes to challenge herself — whether participating in obstacle course races and triathlons or working for positive change in her community. In her new role with United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA), Victoria will have plenty of opportunities to push herself.

Victoria White.

Victoria recently joined UWCA as an Individual Giving Officer for Resource Development. What attracted her to United Way, she said, is how UWCA reaches all corners of the community in one way or another.

“United Way touches everyone,” said Victoria. “They target the individual and the corporate community. I love that they ensure no one is left out of the picture. Being able to reach so many people appealed to me because I love for everyone to be included.”

In addition to seeking and growing individual donations, she is also responsible for leading two of UWCA’s affinity groups: the J. Mason Davis Leadership Society (JMDLS) and Young Philanthropists Society (YPS). Ever since the JMDLS was created in late 2019, it has operated under a somewhat modified structure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While members have attended virtual events and participated in small group service projects, Victoria is eager for a return to in-person opportunities that unite members and spark change-making energy.

“My main goal for the J. Mason Davis Society is to get it off the ground and back up and running,” said Victoria. “I want to get people re-engaged and talking about the society.”

But it’s not only more face-to-face networking and volunteering events that will reignite the JMDLS. Victoria is looking forward to increasing communication between members, old and new.

“I am working on rolling out a new member timeline,” said Victoria. “Whenever we do acquire a new member, we will properly communicate with them — especially within the first 90 days or so. I believe communication is key. I want new members and current members to be engaged in constant communication.”

Victoria knows how special affinity groups are to UWCA. Members are collaborative donors with shared interests. They’re committed to working together in a specific way to significantly improve the quality of life in our community through volunteering, advocating and giving.

“Affinity groups like the J. Mason Davis Leader Society exist to give that specific demographic a voice so that they have an opportunity just to express their concerns and needs throughout the community,” said Victoria. “I believe that’s the significance — allowing African Americans to have a voice within our community in the nonprofit sector.”

Learn more about the J. Mason Davis Leadership Society and Young Philanthropists Society by visiting their websites here.