Celebrating 100+ Years of Volunteering: O’Neal Industries and United Way of Central Alabama

In the heart of Birmingham, there’s a remarkable partnership that has been making a difference for more than a century. Craft O’Neal, the third-generation CEO of O’Neal Industries, takes immense pride in the company’s longstanding commitment to the United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA). Let’s delve into the inspiring story of O’Neal Industries’ volunteerism and how you can get involved, too.

O’Neal Industries employees volunteer at the Levite Jewish Community Center. (O’Neal Industries)

A Legacy of Giving Back

The roots of O’Neal Industries go back to 1921, just two years before the establishment of the Birmingham Community Chest — the organization that eventually evolved into UWCA. Founder Kirkman O’Neal, Craft O’Neal’s grandfather, was involved with the charity from the very beginning. This tradition of community support has continued throughout the company’s history.

Craft O’Neal is the third-generation CEO of O’Neal Industries and a longtime supporter of UWCA. (O’Neal Industries)

Craft O’Neal: A Passionate Volunteer

Craft O’Neal has been an active UWCA volunteer for years, serving in various leadership capacities. His dedication to the mission and work of UWCA is unwavering. Here are some ways he has contributed:

  1. Community Food Bank of Central Alabama: During O’Neal Industries’ 100th anniversary celebration, Craft O’Neal rolled up his sleeves and packed boxes at the Community Food Bank, a UWCA partner agency. His commitment to alleviating hunger in our community is commendable.
  2. Pacesetter Campaign: Craft led a successful Pacesetter Campaign for UWCA, rallying support from area companies and their employees to help jumpstart the annual fall campaign.
  3. Tocqueville Society: As Chair of UWCA’s Tocqueville Society campaign, Craft O’Neal encouraged philanthropic giving at the highest levels.
  4. Centennial Celebration: He played a pivotal role as Chair of UWCA’s historic Centennial Celebration, ensuring its success.

O’Neal Industries: A Culture of Volunteerism

O’Neal Industries’ commitment to community support aligns with its core values. O’Neal employees actively engage with UWCA in various ways:

  • Hands-On Volunteering: From packing boxes at the Community Food Bank to building playgrounds at local schools, O’Neal team members make a tangible impact.
  • Campaign Leadership: They lead campaigns, serve on committees and spearhead volunteer efforts.
  • One-Time Gifts and Payroll Deductions: O’Neal Industries encourages employees to donate to UWCA through one-time gifts and regular payroll deductions.

Join the Movement

As O’Neal Industries exemplifies, volunteering with UWCA is a powerful way to make a difference.

Whether you’re an individual, a group or a business, there are a multitude of opportunities to get involved. Click here to discover how you can start volunteering today!

This blog post was inspired by the Bham Now article “Why one local company has been volunteering for more than 100 years + how you can start now.”

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