Drummond Company Provides Match Funding for United Way Community Crisis Fund

During a time full of uncertainty and a need for community support, businesses such as Drummond Company are striving to make a difference. On April 21, Drummond partnered with United Way of Central Alabama for an initiative called “Catch the Match”.

The coal production company matched the first $8,000 in individual donations given to the United Way Community Crisis Fund. Through this initiative, donors had the opportunity to double the impact of their donation and help even more people in need.

“Drummond Company, along with our employees, has long been a strong supporter of the United Way of Central Alabama because of the UWCA’s proven ability to reach out and help people in the most effective and efficient manner.  When the COVID-19 situation began affecting our community, we knew we wanted to help and immediately turned to the United Way to establish an avenue to maximize relief efforts. Through matching public donations dollar for dollar, we hope to increase overall support for the Crisis Fund as people ‘Catch the Match’ and see their donations go twice as far”, said Krystal Drummond, Director of Employee and Community Engagement.

Drummond also said, “In addition to the UWCA’s ability to address the critical needs of our community, we know they are especially prepared to mobilize and respond quickly in an emergency. We are grateful to have such a strong United Way in our community.”

The Community Crisis Fund helps increase access to food, serve basic needs for struggling families, and provide emergency response for those impacted by the coronavirus.

To donate, visit www.uwca.org/covid19.