How Working with United Way Can be Life-Changing

Gena Hyatt of Royal Cup Coffee
Gena Hyatt of Royal Cup Coffee was a Loaned Executive for United Way of Central Alabama

Loaned Executive Spotlight: Gena Hyatt

Imagine for a minute your manager calls you into his/her office to let you know you have been selected for a “Loaned Executive” program, where you will work for a non-profit agency for 13 weeks!

The first thoughts going through your mind are, “They must not need me,” or “they are trying to get rid of me!”

While it is understandable and perfectly logical to think that, because let’s face it, we typically don’t  respond well to change, let alone something that would take us away from our career for an extended amount of time.

Here’s something to consider: What if your employer really was looking to give back to the community by letting their best and brightest volunteer their time and energy for helping others? What if they knew you would come back changed for the better, with a new perspective in servant leadership? What if they also knew by investing in an ideal that’s beyond corporate profit, they were also investing in you – helping you become a better, more organized and confident leader? That’s Living United!

The United Way of Central Alabama strives to help others every day. Of course there are many ways we do it, but one of the ways is through the Loaned Executive or LE program. This program is a life-changing experience, enabling you to learn all about United Way, the services we offer and the agencies we support.

You will see firsthand what it means to be a servant leader by working alongside others in your community to raise awareness, funds and support for those who need it most – living right here in the 5 county area (Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker).

Click here for an interview with one of our recent LEs, Gena Hyatt. Gena is an Executive Administrative Assistant for Royal Cup Coffee.