5 Ways INVOLVE Boosted This Corporate Volunteer Program

Step up your CSR with INVOLVE, United Way’s new volunteer management platform.

Your employees want to know that you care about them and their community. A robust corporate volunteer program is a great way to keep them engaged and help them feel like their work—both in and out of the office—makes a difference.

To boost their volunteer program, Drummond Company, a Birmingham-based business with more than 5,000 employees, tried out our new INVOLVE platform. Here’s the difference it made for them.

  1. Tracking was simplified. Instead of tracking time in spreadsheets and manually entering data on volunteer hours, Melissa Stevenson, the Community Engagement Coordinator at Drummond, was able to easily track everything all in one system.
  2. Management time was cut in half. Stevenson spent half as much time managing events, allowing her to focus on other priorities. INVOLVE helped her register volunteers, market the events, and track KPIs. Volunteers could select and sign up for events on their own, meaning she didn’t have to enter names and hours in Excel as she did before.
  3. Employees saw more opportunities than ever before. Employees get tired of seeing the same old options year after year, and participation rates go down. Stevenson kept those opportunities fresh by offering hundreds of options for her diverse staff. INVOLVE’s database of opportunities from community partners allowed her more than 5,000 employees to find options on their own and use their volunteer time to pursue their personal passions.
  4. Employees got excited about volunteering again. Stevenson says that volunteer participation rates skyrocketed, and employees showed excitement about all the options they were seeing.
  5. Data told the story of CSR. INVOLVE offered Stevenson easy-to-read reports on employee volunteer hours and the economic impact of their efforts. These reports are perfect for leaders who want to know that their CSR policies are showing results.

After trying out the platform, Stevenson concluded: “I would highly recommend using INVOLVE.”

INVOLVE can help your company offer meaningful volunteer experiences and cut down on management time, just like it did for Drummond. United Way of Central Alabama is offering an opportunity to try this free platform so you can see the results for yourself. Click the button below to learn more.