Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Steps Up to Deliver Meals During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Meals on Wheels is partnering with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office during the COVID-19 pandemic. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office will deliver meals to seniors in the Bessemer and Forestdale areas. During these deliveries, if clients have additional needs, they can submit requests to deputies.

“I want our citizens to know that our roles as deputies, go beyond just keeping you safe,” Pettway said. “I have challenged the men and women who serve within our office to come together and look for ways that we can do our part to help make this already tumultuous process less stressful; this partnership with Meals on Wheels is just one way that we will be doing that, and I’m eager to continue using our resources to help us move past this pandemic as a county, as a state, and as a country.” 

Although Meals on Wheels has hundreds of volunteers to serve its 1,100 seniors within Jefferson County, a large number of those volunteers are seniors themselves and at risk during this crisis. Having groups like the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office fill in the gap makes a true difference.

“During a time such as this, we are forever grateful for county partners such as JCSO, but we also want the public to know that this must be a community effort,” Karla Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Community Initiatives said. “My hope is that as a community, we can continue filling in the gap to ensure that our seniors don’t go without.”

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