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United Way of Central Alabama’s Tocqueville Society is nationally-recognized as the largest Tocqueville Society in the country. It is the fastest growing segment of the annual campaign, with more than 800 members contributing $10,000 or more. United Way of Central Alabama’s Tocqueville Society was founded in 1986 with 36 charter members.

The national society was founded in Nashville, TN in 1981. The name was chosen for 19th century French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville’s admiration for the spirit of voluntary association and voluntary effort for the common good, a spirit he had observed in America and about which he wrote enthusiastically. This notable society is designed to deepen the understanding, commitment and support of United Way.


35th Anniversary

UWCA’s Tocqueville Society, founded in 1986, will be sharing stories from various members as they reflect on memories through the years and what Tocqueville means to them.

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in the United States

United Way of Central Alabama’s Tocqueville Society is nationally-recognized as having the most number of members in the country.


of annual campaign

Tocqueville Society members’ donations make up 35.5% of the 2020 $36 million annual campaign.



The Tocqueville Society is the fastest growing segment of the annual campaign, with more than 800 members contributing $10,000 or more.

2021 Tocqueville Cabinet

Kim and Bruce Rogers Tocqueville Chairs

Hatton C. V. SmithIncrease Chair

Sara Beth WilcoxNew Member Chair

Kelly Morrison & Andrew NixRetention Chairs

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  • What is the Tocqueville Society?

    The United Way of Central Alabama’s Tocqueville Society recognizes local philanthropic leaders and volunteer champions who have devoted time, talent, and funds to create long-lasting change by tracking our community’s most serious issues. With an investment of $10,000 or more, members of the Tocqueville Society are leaders of philanthropy in our community.

    Value of your membership:

    • Convenient way to make a significant impact for many health and human services in one pledge
    • Opportunity to gain perspective on our community’s system of care that is proven to impact the lives of others
    • Engage as a volunteer with our community leaders to work locally to provide long-term solutions to our community’s problems
    • Make a personal connection with the influential group who sets the standards of charitable giving and philanthropy in our community
    • Associate with a national network of donors giving sustainable and transformational gifts
    • Access matching dollars available for members seeking to increase their impact
    • Join other members at our annual dinner honoring the recipient of the Tocqueville Award, given to an individual or family who shows outstanding volunteer and financial service in our community
    • Influence positive change and inspire a better life for everyone
  • Why United Way?

    Never in our lifetime have we had such a significant opportunity to support our community and neighbors. A global pandemic and the record unemployment it has caused have defined 2020. Many people who ordinarily do not need United Way’s help suddenly do. View our online brochure with a list of programs and partners.

    Helping people during times of hardship is what United Way was built to do. Our infrastructure enabled us to immediately be on the front lines of the crisis providing relief and access to services—stocking food pantries, delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors, helping families through our 2-1-1 call center and supporting newly unemployed citizens. Read more on how UWCA is responding to COVID-19.

    Accountability. Our United Way has one of the lowest administrative costs of any charitable organization, allowing 92 cents of every dollar to go directly to helping people, while keeping every dollar we raise here in Central Alabama. UWCA’s volunteers constantly evaluate our partner agencies who receive annual support to be sure our money is well and wisely spent. Review our Charity Navigator page.

  • How do I give?

    Giving is a personal and heartfelt decision. Our Major Gifts staff is ready to work with you and your financial advisors to explore your philanthropic goals.

    • Gifts of cash, credit card or check. Staff can work with you on a personalized payment schedule.
    • Payroll deduction through your company
    • Donor advised fund or private family foundation
    • Individual Retirement Account (IRA). People who are age 70 and a half or older can contribute directly to United Way and avoid taxes on the distribution.

    Please notify United Way of your stock transfer, so you can get proper credit for your gift. For stock transfer procedures and brokerage information, please contact the United Way of Central Alabama’s Major Gifts Department at 205.458.2038 or

  • Matching Opportunities

    Check with your human resources to see if your employer offers matching options, which can be combined with United Way matches.

    View match schedule

    If you give a different amount and would like to use a match, your Majors Gifts staff will be happy to work with you to develop a matching program that suits your needs. For more information, contact the Majors Gifts staff at 205.458.2028.

    These matching funds are available for United Way of Central Alabama donors.

  • Make My Tocqueville Pledge
  • Designation Policy & Giving Guidelines

    Your gift to United Way means you support your community. You can trust that your gift will be invested efficiently and effectively to create opportunities for a better life for all. More than 600 local volunteers annually review partner agencies and together decide how to invest your dollars to meet the most pressing needs in Central Alabama.

    We understand some individuals may want to designate their gift to a specific United Way agency or initiative. The designation will be treated as “first dollars in” towards their allocation. If your company allows designations to non-United Way agencies, the guidelines are as follows:

    • Designated agencies must be 501(c)(3), tax-deductible health and human service organizations. This does not include churches, schools, athletic teams, environmental agencies, etc.
    • The minimum gift accepted for a non-United Way agency is $1,000 with at least 50% minus processing and fund raising fees of this gift remaining with United Way to be allocated to its partners.
    • All matching dollars will remain with United Way to be used as part of the annual allocations process.
    • Gifts received through a donor-advised fund cannot be further designated except to United Way agencies or initiatives. These designations will be treated as “first dollars in.” Designations paid from a donor-advised fund will not reflect an individual donor’s name on remittances to an agency or initiative and will not be receipted by United Way.
    • Designations to the Central Alabama Children’s Funds exceeding county requests for children in a specific county will be held for that county’s children for one year. After one year, these will become available for distribution according to the needs across the UWCA six-county service area.
    • Any gift outside of these guidelines will be distributed through United Way’s allocation and grantmaking processes. When a designated pledge made within these guidelines is paid, United Way forwards the payment, minus cost, to the designated organization.

    In accordance with IRS requirements, United Way of Central Alabama has not provided any goods or services in consideration, in short or part, for this contribution

    For questions, contact Major Gifts Staff at or call 205.458.2038.

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