United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA) in partnership with United Way of Lee County, has launched a secure and trusted donation site that will serve victims of Sunday’s F4 tornadoes. The disaster toll now stands at 23 dead, dozens seeking medical treatment and widespread catastrophic damage. “This is the first disaster of this kind and magnitude we’ve experienced,” said Rebecca Benton, Executive Director, United Way of Lee County.

“Today we launched a single fundraising drive for United Way of Lee County, which will provide relief for the residents in Smiths Station, Beauregard and surrounding communities,” said Drew Langloh, President & CEO, United Way of Central Alabama.

“While the Lee County leadership is concentrating on its rescue and recovery plans, UWCA is equipped to process online donations that will be available to the victims faster. Our focus now is setting up a disaster reception center to register and organize all the volunteer groups that are helping with the rescue and recovery, “ said Benton.

To help with the rescue and recovery, click hereSome short-term assistance will be available to serve victims faster but it won’t cover all the needs of those impacted. The wide range of needs won’t become clear for weeks.

United Way of Central Alabama has earned the public’s trust and recognition with documented success in long-term recovery efforts since the 1977 tornado outbreak in North Jefferson County. It now lends its expertise to other United Way organizations statewide whose communities are impacted by  disasters in order to move the recovery efforts forward faster.