Loaned Executive Profile: Phillip Dye

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Phillip Dye, Southern Company, makes phone calls to lineup his meetings for the day. Dye manages a total of seventeen different accounts as Loaned Executive.

Phillip Dye, Southern Company, finds himself in unfamiliar territory as a Loaned Executive for United Way of Central Alabama as he sets out to help United Way of Central Alabama reach and exceed its campaign goal of $39 million.

Dye’s spent much of his professional career in governance and auditing, so stepping out to become a fundraiser is something he was not quite prepared for, but an opportunity he embraces. “A lot of my days at Southern Company are spent going through procedures and viewing paperwork or being out in the field looking at work that’s being done,” said Dye. “The fundraising’s a lot different for me. It’s been a great experience, but it’s different.”

Each year, United Way of Central Alabama asks local organizations to select one or more of their valued employees to participate in the Loaned Executive Program for a 13-week working session. Participants develop and implement company campaigns by working with top management and employee campaign coordinators. These loaned executives come from all areas of the work force, including middle management, professional, clerical and organized labor. Many employers use the Loaned Executive program to strengthen and improve employees’ professional and personal skills.

Although the transition for Dye is much different than his career with Southern Company, he uses this opportunity to do the one thing he already accustomed to doing. “It’s helping me get back plugged into helping community and helping people,” Dye said. “I always tried to help, but you get so involved with work it’s easy to stray away from that. It’s been good to help me get back involved and see the need.”

United Way of Central Alabama Inc., supports health and human service programs and agencies that provide solutions for the most important needs in the community. Its business is to improve lives and community conditions by building and mobilizing resources. To learn more about United Way’s impact in your community  visit