Meals on Wheels: Keep the Meals Coming

United Way’s Meals on Wheels program serves meals to 700 homebound seniors in Jefferson County five days a week.  The program not only provides nutritious meals, but through a dedicated network of 500 volunteers, Meals on Wheels also provides friendly visits that serve as vital check-ins to make sure other critical needs of seniors are not going unmet.

Getting 700 meals delivered each weekday is a challenge, but it just got easier thanks to a new Subaru Outback recently donated through the 2018 Subaru 50 Cars for 50 Years Vehicle Donation Program. The vehicle, wrapped in colorful graphics, serves as a visual reminder that our community is taking care of its vulnerable seniors.


Today, more than 21,000 seniors in Jefferson County are homebound and depend on outside services. And, research shows that 1 in 6 seniors struggle with hunger in Alabama. Meals on Wheels not only helps seniors avoid hunger, it also allows seniors remain independent and able to stay in their own homes – where they want to be.

More volunteers are needed to address the needs of hungry seniors and reduce the lengthy Meals on Wheels waiting list.  Individuals or groups that are interested in being a part of Meals on Wheels are invited to call the program and learn how they can help. The telephone number is (205)592-0413 or they may email or visit