Networking Is a Healthy Choice for Members of the J. Mason Davis Leadership Society

United Way of Central Alabama’s (UWCA’s) J. Mason Davis Leadership Society was founded in 2019 to honor Mr. Davis as a passionate and involved member of our community, civil rights advocate and former Chairman of the Board of UWCA. The mission of the society is to bring together African American changemakers who champion diversity and opportunity and are striving to positively impact the community through a shared affinity for philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy. Members each contribute $1,000 or more to UWCA annually and have raised more than $750,000 since the group’s inception.

One of the great benefits of the group is the ability to participate in unique networking opportunities with other members and community leaders. On Tuesday, August 23rd, members visited Jefferson State Community College for a class on “Foundations of Healthy Cooking Techniques” with an emphasis on nutrition and healthy eating patterns.

The class was led by Chef Joseph Mitchell, Director of the Culinary & Hospitality Institute on campus. He discussed common health concerns and healthy food preparation to help combat these problems within the parameters of real people’s busy lives. J. Mason Davis members then rolled up their sleeves and put their newfound knowledge to the test as they worked with culinary students to prepare a soup, entrée and dessert.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all as new relationships were kindled, healthy perspectives on food were nurtured and new recipes were added to each member’s culinary repertoire.

Consider joining the J. Mason Davis Society to be a part of a worthy cause and an extensive community network! Learn more at J. Mason Davis Leadership Society – United Way of Central Alabama (