Community Investment Fund

Community Investment Funding Approach:

As United Way looks to the future, our funding approach must adapt to accomplish our strategic vision of more effectively serving communities. This means moving from a transactional model of funding to a relational model that emphasizes trust, collaboration, flexibility, humility and respect. UWCA engages in Participatory Funding, Trust-Based Philanthropy, Asset-Based Framing and Place-Based Philanthropy as the guiding funding principles that align with our values.


A Place-Based Approach: The Community Investment Fund will support a variety of place-based partnerships in Central Alabama. Place-based projects are:

 1) Centered on the priorities of those closest to the issues,

2) Created through a community engagement process that is trust-based and responsive,

3) Rooted in proven or promising model with high potential for measurable, positive change,

4) Focused enough to have clear, achievable outcomes; open enough to allow for multi-sector collaboration,

5) Data-supported and the potential to be scalable/replicable and sustainable.