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Health and Development Resources and Services For Families

Helping Children Start School Healthy and Ready to Learn

Help Me Grow Alabama (HMG AL) is a FREE resource for parents to answer child development questions and conduct age appropriate developmental screenings for children ages 0-8. As needs are identified, families are connected to resources in their communities using a confidential, centralized telephone access point: 833.939.0336.

HMG AL staff work to ensure that all families have access to appropriate child-related services so children have every opportunity to succeed. HMG AL envisions a vibrant community environment in which families have the desire, resources, and confidence to make the best decisions for their child’s development and future.

HMG AL is a proud member of the HMG National Network, in partnership with the Alabama Partnership for Children (APC), and is a proven operating model that connects children and families with the resources they need to ensure all children have the best possible start in life.

Centralized Access Point

HMG AL utilizes a statewide toll-free number as a centralized telephone access point. There are statewide care coordinators who utilize the Ages and Stages Questionnaires®, links families with needed resources, and follows up when a connection is made.

Community Outreach

HMG AL engages Early Intervention, Alabama’s Pre-K and Home Visiting programs, Children’s Policy Councils and others in outreach through community Books, Balls, and Blocks events and presentations at local and regional conferences, and public awareness through agency newsletters and websites.

Educating Providers

HMG AL works with child health care providers to educate professionals about early childhood developmental surveillance & screening while promoting access to services.

Data Collection

Through the development of the AL Access Guide to Early Childhood Resources, and state and local environmental scan, the HMG AL leadership team was able to identify existing systems, requirements, and processes for connecting families with resources. HMG AL currently works to identify gaps and barriers to connecting families, collects and analyzes data to identify needs, and effectively connects families to resources.

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For more information about Help Me Grow Alabama, call 833.939.0336 or click below to access the statewide website and enroll today!

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