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School Readiness in Pre-K Classrooms

Helping Students Succeed in School

Join us in preparing today’s preschool age children to succeed in school. Success By 6 has been improving the quality of early learning for children in child care settings across our community since 2005.

Success By 6 supports a whole child approach to education, focusing on both cognitive skills and the child’s social and emotional development.

Success By 6 facilitates “best practice” quality early learning standards in Pre-K classrooms throughout Central Alabama. With skilled School Readiness Specialists, children in the classrooms are assessed and evaluated, and teachers receive side-by-side technical assistance and professional development training throughout the school year. We have worked with over 80 classrooms in five counties:

  • Chilton
  • Jefferson
  • Shelby
  • Blount
  • St. Clair
  • Walker

Success By 6 partners with Pre-K classrooms in public schools, private child care centers, faith-based child care centers, and Head Start centers across central Alabama. Working closely with the teachers in each classroom, Success By 6 School Readiness Specialists provide technical assistance and resources while sharing best practices to give every child an opportunity to be ready for kindergarten.

Performing Community Outreach

With the help of many community partners and volunteers, Success By 6 is out in the community providing health screenings, putting  free school supplies and thousands of books in the hands of young  children.

Success By 6 is a leader in convening early childhood education and health partners, and works to keep community focus on helping children succeed in school.  Success By 6 impacts thousands of children each year through outreach efforts including:

  • Free books distributed each year to encourage a life-long love of learning and reading.
  • Oral Health Prevention, education, and linkage to services promote good oral health to reduce the number one cause of school absences- dental pain.
  • Family activities encouraging parental engagement and make learning fun.
  • School Supply Distribution to get tools for success to children in need.
  • Referrals linking children with health, development issues and those with disabilities to support services.
  • Volunteer Engagement to improve the learning environment and serve as positive role models for children. Success By 6 works with a wide network of partners who are all committed to improving access to quality early learning and preparing children to succeed in school.


Providing Community Planning and Leadership

Success By 6 works closely with state, county, and local education groups. Plainly stated, Success By 6 is a go-to source for increasing the quality of early learning in Alabama.

Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Children

Providing healthy options early in life puts our children on course to become healthier adults.  Success By 6 is committed to safe learning environments and providing healthy options for physical activity and nutrition in the preschool years. Success By 6 partners with the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics on an innovative program called Help Me Grow, which provides referrals to services to help families and children with developmental and/or behavioral challenges.

Success By 6’s health focus includes:

  • Developmental screenings prepare children for success in school and to identify possible barriers to learning and development.
  • Nutrition and physical activities are promoted to help kids establish healthy habits for life and fight childhood obesity.
  • Quality standards are implemented to help child care centers comply with child care regulations ensuring the health and safety of children.
  • Linking families to resources for developmental needs through Help Me Grow: Central Alabama


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