Better Basics, Inc.

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Better Basics, Inc.

Phone: 205.944.2928
Detail: Provides reading intervention for struggling readers, promotes reading for pleasure, and provides enrichment program, all in poverty-area public schools.
2023 Allocation: $160,852
Total Funding: $160,852

Better Basics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advancing children’s reading and mathematics literacy. Better Basics was founded in 1993 by John Glasser, who saw the direct correlation between poverty and illiteracy.

We are empowering children, improving the community and reducing illiteracy. More than 22,000 children in kindergarten through twelfth grade in schools across central Alabama receive our programs, with 70,000 books given through 757 volunteers.


Better Basics works to eradicate illiteracy among children in Central Alabama. We deliver reading and math instruction and resources to empower the educationally vulnerable.


Better Basics advances educational equity in Central Alabama with a comprehensive range of research-based academic intervention and enrichment programs for children from birth to 12th grade in Central Alabama through collaboration with public schools, partners, and community organizations in underserved areas.

Better Basics provides books and literacy outreach services directly to vulnerable communities in Central Alabama.

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