Children’s Aid Society of Alabama

Agency Profile

Children’s Aid Society of Alabama

Phone: (205) 251-7148
Detail: Provides family counseling, crisis intervention, adoption support services, foster care and transitional living services for homeless young parents and children, and life skills training for youth in school and community setting.
2024 Allocation: $810,591
Since 1912, Children’s Aid Society has provided services to families in need or at risk. It has helped parents with the skills and resources they need to keep families together or, when children could not remain with their own families, other homes have been provided through foster care or adoption.


The mission of Children’s Aid Society is “Changing lives, Building families, Strengthening communities.”


Our programs are varied, but all have a common goal – to assist children and their families in meeting their immediate needs for care and safety, as well as to enhance their opportunities for optimum growth and development.

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