Christian Love Pantry

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Christian Love Pantry

Phone: 205.338.3390
Detail: Provides food, clothing, and other essential items for clients in an emergency situation.
2024 Allocation: $47,122

The Christian Love Pantry’s original mission began in 1980 at St. Simon Peter Episcopal Church in Pell City. That spring, many St. Clair County residents were in need of aid and began to arrive at St. Simon Peter’s door. Food was the first priority and the congregation immediately set out to distribute food to local families who were not covered by government programs. The First United Methodist Church and Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church joined in to aid the needy. Word spread quickly and the three distribution points and the churches quickly developed a reputation for helping the community.

In 1991, the Christian Love Pantry was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) with the missions of (1) providing comfort and support to members of the community in distress and (2) fostering interdenominational dialog while providing assistance to needy families and individuals.

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