Family Connection

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Family Connections

Phone: 205.663.6301
Detail: Provides service for at-risk youth and their families which includes residential shelter, outreach counseling, runaway and homeless services, school intervention programs, and Project Safe Place/Safe Youth.
2024 Allocation: $206,833

Family Connection began in 1976 as Shelby Youth Attention Home to provide a safe place for youth in crisis. Today, Family Connection has expanded to become a multiservice youth agency offering safety and support for vulnerable and disconnected young people. Our approach is to provide services that enable youth and their families to develop positive and healthy lifestyles. Serving the Shelby County community, as well as the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan area, our mission is to strengthen families and communities by providing shelter, counseling and safety for young people in crisis.


Family Connection is a multiservice non-profit agency dedicated to building positive futures for the community’s most vulnerable children, youth and families. Our focus is to provide help and supportive resources for youth, families and the community.


Overnight Center for runaway and homeless youth and youth in the midst of crisis

School-based counseling to help students overcome personal and interpersonal problems

Safe sites for youth in crisis

Drug prevention education in the schools and community

Drop-in day shelter and street-based outreach for homeless youth

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