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Phone: 205.969.2880
Detail: Provides services for children, adolescents, adults and families who are affected by autism or a mental health disorder.
2024 Allocation: $143,028
While symptoms may be subject to classification, people are not. At Glenwood, each person is evaluated and treated as an individual. Not only are services and treatment settings prescribed according to individual needs, but also professional staff creatively tailor programs to enhance each person’s opportunities for success. Glenwood believes each person has the potential to improve and strive to maximize that potential in the least restrictive setting possible. Equally important, Glenwood serves the families of each individual. Glenwood encourages parental involvement to strengthen the efforts of the support team. The staff at Glenwood respect the dignity of the individual and recognizes the individual as part of the family unit.


Glenwood leads the state of Alabama in providing behavioral health care and educational services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and severe emotional disturbances. Our services are provided in a least restrictive setting, through a continuum of care, with the highest respect for individuals and families served. In addition to direct care services, Glenwood provides consultation and training for mental health and educational professionals and promotes research in these specialized areas.


Child & Adolescent Services
Adult Services
Outpatient & Community Services
Family & Community Services
Educational and Day Treatment Services
Residential Services

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