Legal Aid Society of Birmingham, Alabama

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Legal Aid Society of Birmingham, Alabama, Inc.

Phone: 205.251.3516
Detail: Provides legal services to low-income children and adults (court-appointed only).
2024 Allocation: $48,666

The Legal Aid Society of Birmingham is a non-profit community defender organization providing legal assistance through court appointment to children and other indigent persons. The children’s division works with the Jefferson County Family Courts serving children as guardians ad litem in abuse and neglect (dependency) cases and as defenders in juvenile delinquency cases. Attorneys represent adult indigent defendants in municipal courts and those who have chosen rehabilitation services in Jefferson County Drug Court.


Members of the Birmingham Bar Association incorporated the Legal Aid Society of Birmingham in 1954, for the purpose of serving those unable to afford legal fees and expenses.


Adult program

Delinquency Program

Dependency Program

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