The pandemic heroes you’ve never heard of

Thank and support 2-1-1 team members who helped millions of people connect with essential services during the pandemic.

Woman answering a call for help Day and night, the team members at 2-1-1 talk to people who are scared, frustrated and confused. And since the start of the pandemic last year, they have served as essential workers, answering calls around the clock and helping more people than ever before.

Last year, 2-1-1 team members fielded more than 54,000 calls, connecting struggling people with essential resources to solve their healthcare, housing and food problems. From the first hello, 2-1-1 team members offered comfort, hope and help.

As Shakeitha Tatum, Director of 2-1-1 Central Alabama, said:

“We answered the call in our community. During the start of the pandemic, people were afraid and some just wanted someone to talk to. Others were in need of resources such as help with jobs, transportation and ways to connect with their family and friends. We were there to help provide guidance, connect callers to resources and provided follow-ups to ensure callers had the most up-to-date services to help them through this crisis.”

As we approach February 11th, which is also 2-1-1 Day, join us to thank the 2-1-1 team members who have helped our community navigate a crisis with compassion.

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