United Way 50 Year Donors- “Steady on Course”

50-YearUnited Way’s Legacy Gift Committee recently recognized supporters who have contributed for 50 years or more at a luncheon held at The Club.

“It’s something that they enjoy and we really like doing it because it’s a way for us to let them know how much we appreciate their continued support and confidence in us”, said Katy Briscoe, vice president of Legacy Gifts. “To give for 50 years shows an extreme amount of confidence and willingness to make a difference, and they certainly have.”
Mallie Ireland, the chairwoman of Legacy Gifts said they have identified over 130 contributors who have given to United Way 50 years or more.   Event speakers included Nancy Smith who once served as head of the Women’s Division of the United Way campaign. Her leadership was an early effort to involve women in giving to a campaign that had previously focused on male-dominated workplaces.

Thomas Bradford, Jr, served as board chairman in 1995 shared his history and said he began contributing when we went to work for his father’s company, Bradford Building Company in 1958. “One thing [my father] felt passionately about is he had a duty to give back to the community” Bradford said.