United Way of Central Alabama Raises Over $39M for Social Services

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Emmet McLean, Bill Connor and President Drew Langloh. 

United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA) just completed its 99th fundraising campaign. Raising $39,009,527, it turned out to be the organization’s largest and most successful campaign. We spoke with UWCA campaign leaders to find out what made this campaign so prosperous.

$39,009,527 for the Central Alabama community

People came out to support UWCA. 

The $39 million raised this year is a $2.7 million increase over what was raised in 2021.

What it means: UWCA will be able to provide a significant increase in the investment in their partner agencies and community investment fund. This means more money for things like crisis response, disability services, financial stability services and more.

“The real winners here are the people in our community who are facing hardships. This year, we faced challenges, including inflation, food insecurity, education and more.

When we went out to the corporate community, we made a bold ask. We knew if we raised the same amount as we did last year that we would have to cut back on services. Overwhelmingly, the corporate and individual communities have stepped up in a huge way and significantly surpassed what we raised last year, so we’ll be able to meet those community needs.”

Emmett McLean, UWCA 2022 Campaign Chair 

UWCA is devoted to meeting the needs of the community and enriching the lives of everyone in it, so this phenomenal number is going to make a huge impact. Want to get involved? Check out their website.

The 99th annual campaign was a success

The number was an exciting announcement at the campaign celebration.

According to McLean, this campaign was a great way to close out UWCA’s first 100 years and kick off the next 100 as well.

“I want to thank the United Way staff. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing something small or something large. People come and go, but for 99 years, this staff has helped us be able to do what we do and change so many lives. It has been an amazing journey to see everyone step up to the plate no matter the challenge.”

Emmett McLean, UWCA 2022 Campaign Chair 

A boost to the campaign was a pledge from McLean and Medical Properties Trust, a leader in hospital finance. With a commitment of up to $1 million as a challenge grant to current Tocqueville Society members, this resulted in a $2 million contribution to the campaign.

Mervyn H. Sterne Award

Bill Connor accepting the Mervyn H. Sterne award. 

In 1931, one of the darkest years of the Depression, Mervyn Stern served as campaign chairman, raising $750,000 in just two weeks. United Way decided to honor his contributions, creating an award for people with similar passions.

The award is given every year to a standout campaign unit or volunteer that made a substantial campaign contribution.

The 2022 Mervyn H. Sterne Volunteer Award Winner is Bill Connor, CEO of AmTrust. Connor led the summer Pacesetter Campaign that set the tone and jump-started this year’s success by raising a total of $10.6 million.

“United Way has meant a lot to me personally. It was one of those things that I took upon myself to elevate our status within United Way. It’s such a huge factor in being a good community partner and a great venue for getting involved in the community by not only giving but using your hands and engaging.”

Bill Connor, UWCA Pacesetter Campaign Chair

Even though the campaign has officially ended, donations and support are welcome now and throughout the coming year. Get involved today.