United Way of Central Alabama’s Support of Racial Equity

Over the past several weeks a number of instances of racial injustices have received national attention. These events have served to bring to the surface old wounds that have never healed in our country. They have also catapulted the issues of racism and racial justice to the forefront of the national and local discussion. What is different today is that the cry goes beyond racial equity. There is a clarion call for leaders and institutions to move from just being allies of the cause to providing leadership against racism and racial injustice.

This moment in our nation’s history will test our resolve to make meaningful progress to end racism in our country and community. We will all need to stand up and lean in to end systemic racism and racial injustice. Leaders from all parts of our community will be challenged to find ways to lead against racism, violence and bias that people of color face every day.

United Way of Central Alabama has been deeply focused on the issue of equity. We have worked in the areas of education, health, financial stability and employment to help create better opportunities for all who are struggling in our community, especially African- Americans. While we are proud of this work, there is more we can do.

We will continue to use an equity, diversity and inclusion lens in our work in the community and will seek out ways to provide greater leadership against racism and racial injustice.

We are United in fostering an equitable, diverse and inclusive Central Alabama.

Drew Langloh

President and CEO

United Way of Central Alabama