Delivering Help and Hope When Needed Most

For Juanita, her house in Birmingham has always been home.

“My family purchased the house in 1902,” said Juanita, 70. “At least one of us has lived here ever since. My sister was even born here in the house!”

The home has seen countless celebrations, hundreds of holidays and, during the past three years, around 1,000 meals from Meals on Wheels. Juanita receives dialysis treatment three days a week and relies on her sister Diana, 65, for assistance. The meals have made a tremendous difference in both of their lives.

“Diana drives me to the appointments, and during that process, it’s hard for her to prepare meals,” said Juanita.

“Meals on Wheels come in handy because all she has to do is take the meals out and heat them up. And on days when Diana isn’t here, I’m still able to have a hot meal.”

Hope is multiplied through Meals on Wheels’ connection to United Way of Central Alabama and other community partners. Because of these partnerships, Juanita’s home is now wheelchair-accessible – and has a working furnace – just in time for colder weather.

Through your support of Meals on Wheels, hope happens for people like Juanita every day.