EBSCO Executive motivates Publix campaign teams

Jim Stephens, Board Chairman EBSCO Industries and Tocqueville Society Member, spoke to Publix Super Markets United Way campaign coordinators today during their campaign coordinator training. Stephens chronicled his life’s work but in so doing expressed his support of United Way.

“We have always embraced the United Way campaign because we do believe that giving to your community and trying to make our bigger neighborhood, Birmingham Metro area, a good place to live,” said Stephens. “I’d like to live in a community that I can be proud of, and the only way you do that is step by step and bit by bit.”

EBSCO Industries, founded and headquartered in Birmingham and Publix Super Markets, headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., share commonalities in their commitment to giving as both companies participate in a match share during their United Way campaigns. “I was really impressed when I heard that Publix does a match with its companies around the United States,” he said. “It makes it a lot easier for you and other individuals to give knowing that your company is backing you up and giving support.”

Local Publix Super Markets around the five county area campaigns run Sept. 1-11. EBSCO Industries campaign coordinators’ training takes place in late September where Publix Super Markets Atlanta Division District Manager James Mowery will serve as a guest speaker. Mowery also serves on the United Way Board of Directors.

United Way of Central Alabama serves Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount and St. Clair counties by providing solutions for the most important needs in the community. Through our partner agencies and community initiatives, we improve lives and community conditions by building and mobilizing resources. To learn more about United Way’s impact in your community visit www.uwca.org.

Publix Coordinator Training-1-6
Jim Stephens, Board Chairman EBSCO Industries and Tocqueville Society Member, motivates the Publix Super Markets campaign coordinators during a coordinator training recently.