Loaned Executive Nancy Harbison Jumped at the Chance to Give Back

United Way of Central Alabama’s (UWCA’s) Loaned Executive (LE) program is a unique and intensive 13-week professional development experience that enables individuals from a variety of local organizations to serve as boots on the ground during UWCA’s annual campaign – personally calling on area companies and their employees and strongly encouraging their support of United Way. These participants are service-oriented and fierce, highly competitive advocates for their communities. Whether they were nominated by someone from their workplace or sought the opportunity out themselves, Loaned Executives join the program for a variety of reasons, some more personal than others.

Nancy Harbison, for example, is a 2022 Loaned Executive who has been the Executive and Operations Assistant at Drummond Coal Sales for 11 years and her involvement with United Way began long ago. In 1990, Nancy found herself in the midst of a traumatic divorce with a soon-to-be ex-husband threatening to flee the country with their two young children. Unable to turn to family, whose addresses were known by her ex, she sought refuge at the YWCA, a long-standing United Way partner agency. The YWCA provided Nancy and her children with shelter and safety until things settled down. “I am forever grateful and have never forgotten it,” she said.

For Nancy, UWCA partner agencies are so much more than just names on buildings. They are mission-driven operations that exist to help people from all walks of life in a multitude of ways. And she is adamant about how vital the YWCA was to her during an especially trying time of life. That’s exactly why she wanted to serve as a Loaned Executive when presented with the opportunity. “I knew when I was asked that this was my chance to give back and say thank you for the help I received,” she said.

Nancy said that serving as an LE has given her a whole new level of confidence and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people, discovering new local companies and sharing her passion about the role that United Way plays in our community. When asked what she would say to someone who might not be familiar with United Way, she said, “I would make sure they understand the importance of UWCA and its services – how many people it helps every single day and has for almost 100 years. Without UWCA, our communities would be suffering a great deal.”

We applaud Nancy’s bravery, her service to her community and her enthusiastic participation in the 2022 Loaned Executive class.

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