Resources for Nonprofits Responding to the Coronavirus

United Way of Central Alabama is committed to supporting nonprofits and their work in the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We have created a new resources page for our nonprofit partners, which can be accessed by visiting This resources page includes the latest information about the virus and its impacts on our state and region, as well as applications for two new funding resources United Way is making available to nonprofits serving people in Central Alabama during these challenging times. These grants are available not only to agencies that currently receive an allocation from United Way but also to those who do not.

Links to both assistance-fund applications can be found here on our nonprofit resources page.

Other Resources Available

Resources are not limited to special financial assistance. Nonprofits and community organizations providing resources to address COVID-19 can be added to the 2-1-1 Information and Referral Center Database. To be added to the database, please complete this form or email

For allocation partners, United Way recognizes that many may have to cancel or reschedule fundraising events due to COVID-19 concerns. With that in mind, we are adjusting the blackout period restriction to allow for UWCA-approved events to be rescheduled during the month September 2020. Unless otherwise noted, the UWCA fundraising blackout period will remain in effect from October 1st through Thanksgiving of 2020. Partners requesting an exemption from the 2020 fundraising blackout period may do so by clicking here. Click here to see when other agencies are holding fundraisers during 2020.